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Tea in an antique porcelain cup, a bouquet of pink tulips, a pair of scarlet hearts. Vintage porcelain tea pair with tea and a bouquet of tulips. scissors and threads with a needle are on a light blue background Scenic winding road in a pine forest on a summer day wild blue pigeon on the table of an outdoor cafe frozen bush covered with hoarfrost behind the bush green wooden fence under the snow, snowflakes are falling metal support-truss of a high-voltage power line painted in red and white with solar panels and signal lights hairy caterpillar on fern shoots with Blank for text, selective focus A red-haired cup of pumpkin juice stands on a red knitted scarf. Drying clothes on the clothesline. Wet laundry hanging on a clothesline in the open air. A feathered couple in a woman Girl with dark glasses A 14-15 year old girl dries her long dark hair with a hair dryer. Selective Focus. A red chihuahua dog at the vets office. The doctor is trimming her claws on her front paw. A red-haired chihuahua dog at the vets office, having her eye rubbed. A red-haired chihuahua dog at the vets office, her ear being cleaned. An old lady sits at home in a chair with her laptop, communicating online, waving her hand in welcome. A red long-haired chihuahua sits on the window, looking out on the street. Lines of new buildings in Moscow A glass of wine on the background of vacationers a garland of multicolored balloons in green and pink Garland of multicolored pink and blue balloons on a white background dirty dishes on the table in the room white porcelain cups saucers and sponges for iridescent soap suds on dirty tea cups saucers dish sponges carpentry tool on a white background. clamp for fastening parts Caterpillar APC close-up The muzzle of the T-72 tank in close-up T-72 tank T-72 tank Red-haired girl Black Scotch Terrier on a winter walk Black Scotch Terrier on a winter walk


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