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melting icicles on the eaves of the roof of the house in winter. a row of large transparent icicles. Dark abstract winter background. Abstract winter landscape. Night snowfall over a snow-covered field. Gouache painting. Spruce watercolor A dark silhouette of a tree against the sky. Watercolor painting Abstract winter landscape. Snow in the forest.  Abstract silhouettes of trees. Watercolor, ink Wild bird crow sits on the stone parapet of the historic city view of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Cloudy skies over the Russian city Ancient the Pskov Kremlin in summer day with reflection in the Velikay river. Mushrooms Bolete, fungus in the wild autumn forest, Scenic winding road in a pine forest on a summer day Its a winter evening, its snowing, and theres a candle in the window. wild blue pigeon on the table of an outdoor cafe Metal poles with thick chains on the river embankment lined with brown paving slabs Metal posts with thick chain-link fencing on the embankment stone observation platform on the shore of a large lake in spring forest on the shore of the lake in spring deciduous and coniferous trees metal chains with round large links on the street of the histori winter morning, the construction of multi-storey residential buildings on the outskirts of the city park decorated with lights for the winter holidays - Christmas and New Year frozen bush covered with hoarfrost behind the bush green wooden fence under the snow, snowflakes are falling green painted wooden fence covered with snow metal support-truss of a high-voltage power line painted in red and white with solar panels and signal lights car interchange view from the driver is side, middle-aged woman is hands are not well-groomed on the steering whee Front garden with flowers. The decorative fence is made of concrete. Winter forest. Mysterious forest. Watercolor painting. Wooden bridge over the river. River landscape. Path leading to the forest. Old footbridge over the reservoir. Connecting the banks of the river with a bridge. spruce in the snow old buildings with white stucco and iron roofs Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg on the banks of the Neva River Panorama of the back of the Vysotsky monastery view of the late extension - living quarters Serpukhov Church near the Ilyinsky Church of the Cathedral mountain Collage "sights of Serpukhov" Serpukhov printing house. Year of foundation - 1923 Russia Saint Petersburg 06.08.2020 view of the Neva Abstract winter landscape. Snow falls over a coniferous forest. Winter forest at dawn. Mysterious forest. Watercolor painting. Abstract trees. Stylized drawing in watercolor and gel pen. Summer landscape. View from a hill on a small town by the river. Metal posts with thick chain-link fences on the river embankment lined with brown paving tiles Abandoned car in the yard of the house Ferris wheel at the VVC Lines of new buildings in Moscow Kite on the background of the pre-storm summer sky Morning Moscow Church at the Olympic Stained glass window "Old ship, scarlet sails" Landscape with spikelets in the foreground A lighthouse and an old boat An old boat on land


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