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plum growing in the garden on the branches. Two champagne glasses with heart-shaped bubbles and glow effect	Valentine-ice cream in a waffle cone Cake covered with icing with two hearts watermelon slices and doodles vector seamless pattern. hand drawn. illustration for wallpaper, wrapping paper, textile, background. red juicy summer fruit Delicious banner with orange slices and place for text Lime beverage in a glass bottle with lime wedges Orange juice in a decanter with orange slices Watermelon smoothie in glass cup with handle Avocado beverage in glass jar two glasses of red wine on a granite parapet and a bouquet of red peonies retail street trade of strawberries and cherries from the counter Vector character Korzhik with kawaii emotions strawberry seamless pattern. watermelon seamless pattern. Set of fish on a black background Set of black fish silhouettes with a riddle fresh vegetables on a wooden table tomatoes bell pepper garlic chili bay leaf Avocado beverage in retro style Lime beverage in retro style Grapeftuit beverage in retro style Lemon beverage in retro style Watermelon beverage in retro style white chicken eggs in a nest made of metal products screw screws Pumpkin puree soup garnished with parsley leaves Banner with a cup of coffee and space for text in the form of a sheet of white paper on a dark background with stars Mushroom soup garnished with mushroom halves and dill sprigs Green cream soup with sour cream, garnished with a sprig of parsley Green cream soup garnished with half an egg and parsley leaves Tomato puree soup garnished with basil leaves garlic on a wooden board Blue seamless background with donuts with pink glaze Stickers set Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, Lips in pop art style Happy Easter banner vector template chicken meat on a wooden board, next to a hammer for beating meat, fresh vegetables Forest berries collection. Lingonberry, blueberry, rowan, chokeberry, rosehip. Hand drawn berries. Vector illustration set. delicious pink donut in plastic packaging on an old wooden surface white and pink marshmallows in a white coffee cup on a wooden table made from dough and meat dumplings on a wooden board, next to a rolling pin cooked chebureks on a wooden board, next to a rolling pin cooking dumplings in the kitchen, ready-made dumplings on a wooden board bright yellow lemons float in clear clear water Two yellow ripe lemons fall into clear clear water, light gray background two yellow ripe lemons are on the dark surface of a wooden table Fruit ice and fruit coloring page Coloring page ice cream cone Coloring page boy and girl with ice cream Coloring book with popsicle and ice cream scoops Coloring book with cartoon raspberry worm three green natural apples are on rough burlap under the light from the window


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