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a trickle of water pours into a plastic transparent Cup a woman in blue protective gloves washes the window with a napkin and detergent Baby Caucasian child plays with his father in blue wooden cubes A little Caucasian child plays in cubes. blue background Happy woman walks in a cornfield and has an ear of corn in her back pocket of jeans metal coins in the hand of a white man shot grouse in the hands of a hunter spreading grouse wings in the rays of the bright sun, selective focus car interchange view from the driver is side, middle-aged woman is hands are not well-groomed on the steering whee Girl with dark glasses Teenage girl sitting in front of her laptop with headphones on, learning to knit online. A teenage girl sits in front of her laptop with headphones on, writing something in her notebook in an online class. A teenage girl sitting at home at the table, in front of her a white sheet of paper, watercolor paints, holding a brush and thinking about what will paint. A 14-15 year old girl dries her long dark hair with a hair dryer. Selective Focus. An old lady in glasses drips drops from a pharmacy bubble into a glass with water. An old lady sits at home in a chair with her laptop, communicating online, waving her hand in welcome. Девушка в черном смотрит по сторонам, испуганная, грустная. В руках зажженная свеча. Хэллоуин, праздники, концепция маскарада . A young girl holds a fresh carrot in one hand and a shawarma in the other, looks at the shawarma and can The baby rinses the foam off his hands, the soap is in the sink. Spring, love, friendship A young man gives an elderly woman a bouquet of yellow roses in a red package


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