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sprouting onions on the windowsill Sockets Hands in white mittens holding Christmas presents and Christmas toys. surgical instruments before surgery pattern of red carnations with stems on a white background railway brake shoe under the wheel of a railway car standing on a siding awaiting loading or dispatch of cargo pattern of red carnations with stems on a white background Thermometer with high temperature on a hot day. book in autumn yellow leaves with a cup of warm tea with lemon Teenage girl sitting in front of her laptop with headphones on, learning to knit online. A 14-15 year old girl dries her long dark hair with a hair dryer. Selective Focus. St. Valentines Day. The red chihuahua sits on the window sill, near the white inscription LOVE, two scarlet hearts. Selective focus. The redheaded fluffy Chihuahua dog looks forward, put its front paws on the gift box. Selective focus. Chamomile flowers in a glass jar on a black background. Selective focus. Copy space Daisy flowers in a glass cup against a black background. Selective focus. Abstract trees. Stylized drawing in watercolor and gel pen. notepad on the table business and work The red dog sits with his head up near a small human skull. Childrens hands raise a ball in the shape of the Earth, light green background. молоко, деревенский хлеб и куриные яица на белой салфетке Two white horses in a smart full-length harness stand quietly on a white background a woman in blue protective gloves washes the window with a napkin and detergent Black Scotch Terrier on a winter walk


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